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The flooring boutique for people who love design

Good design lasts a lifetime.

At Creme, we believe that good design and genuine craftsmanship are the way forward. To us, quality holds inherent value. We pursue it in everything: from quality materials, to quality design, to quality customer relationships. If you agree, we welcome you into our family-run showroom in Weston.

Our story…

While Creme is a new name in carpets and floorcoverings, we actually have a long history in flooring and in Canberra. The business began back in the 1990s, when John Morgan moved with his family to Canberra from country NSW and began working in flooring.

Over time, John Morgan built his name in the industry and eventually established J and M Floorcoverings.

The old J&M Floorcoverings shopfront

J and M has been a mainstay in servicing the Weston Creek area with great quality service for almost a decade, but all the while keeping somewhat of a low profile.

With John’s son David and his wife Molly coming into the business, J and M has now become Creme and is ready to bring an even better selection of flooring to the broader market with great service and expertise.

David and Molly have left behind their corporate finance and consulting roles and are ready to bring their passion for design and home decorating to the broader Canberra market.

The new Creme Carpets showroom in Canberra

The team

David Morgan, Managing Director of Creme

David Morgan Managing Director

After many years in the corporate world, David has taken over the family flooring business to pursue his passions in interior design and architecture.

t:  0410 635 135
e: david@cremecarpets.com.au

John Morgan, Flooring Consultant at Creme

John Morgan Flooring Consultant

John has decades of experience in the industry. He’s a natural-born problem solver and knows how to make your flooring look good and work right.

t:  0411 555 221
e: sales@cremecarpets.com.au

Keiran O'Connor, Flooring Consultant at Creme

Keiran O’Connor Flooring Consultant

Keiran is the main contact in our showroom. With his many years of experience and knowledge he’s able to guide you through all decisions to make sure you’re happy with the end result.

t:  0421 606 500
e: sales@cremecarpets.com.au

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